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Baton Rouge Water Company is proud of the fine drinking water it provides. We operate 65 ground water wells in various sands of the Southern Hills aquifer system which underlie our service area. Water from these sands is of excellent quality with a natural low hardness concentration and is not subject to surface water influences. Our system is backed up by auxiliary diesel engines and generators preventing widespread service outages if the electricity goes off. Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav are perfect examples of our system’s reliability – power was off in much of the city after these storms, but the water kept flowing.

Kerr Named President-elect of the American Water Works Association

“Committed to ensuring Baton Rouge Water remains at the forefront of effective, safe water management”

Baton Rouge, LA, January 21, 2022 – The Board of Directors of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) has selected Baton Rouge Water Company President, CEO, and Chair, Patrick J. Kerr, as the association’s next president-elect. His term as president-elect will begin in June of this year at the conclusion of AWWA’s Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE22). His term as president begins in June 2023.

The AWWA is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water. “For a community to be vibrant and healthy it must have safe, affordable water service. AWWA is ‘dedicated to the world’s most important resource’ and so am I,” said Patrick Kerr, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chair of the Baton Rouge Water Company.

During his nearly 28 years at the company, Kerr has served in various roles including Operations Manager, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, President and CEO. He was first elected Chair of the Board of Directors in 2018. Previous to the water company, Kerr served for ten years on active duty in the United States Army as an attack helicopter pilot and Special Operations Aviator. He was honorably discharged as a Captain and attained the rank of Major before separating from the US Army Reserves. Kerr is the current chair of AWWA’s Water Utility Council and an active member of the Southwest Section of AWWA.

In a joint statement, the executive leadership at the water company said, “Baton Rouge Water is extremely proud of Pat’s accomplishments and the tremendous value he adds in leading the company to provide a safe and continuous supply of water to customers and during the recent hurricanes, floods, ice storms, and the pandemic.” The executive leadership added that Kerr’s selection as the president-elect of the association is a tribute to his vast knowledge and experience in the water industry.

“The Baton Rouge area’s water system is safe and strong. I’m committed to ensuring best practices and actively participating in projects and associations such as the AWWA to ensure Baton Rouge Water remains at the forefront of supporting source water protection and the resiliency and security of the water system,” concluded Kerr.

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