Smartbill Enrollment

The Baton Rouge Water Company offers Smartbill, another FREE way to pay your bill. Smartbill is the safe and secure solution which addresses two of the most popular suggestions that we have received from our customers; eliminating convenience fees AND reducing their carbon footprint by going PAPERLESS! *Enrollment is a 2 step verification process. Once you receive your first Smartbill, which is not until your next billing cycle, you will have the link to bypass the convenience fee.

*Now featuring recurring payments with your debit, credit card or ACH.

The Smartbill is the most efficient way to receive and pay your bill and here’s why: 

  • It’s FREE – You can pay with an e-check, debit, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX, or money market savings account without a convenience fee.
  • It’s EASY – There is no username or password that you have to setup or remember.
  • It’s CONVENIENT – You make your payment directly from the Smartbill that is attached to the ebill.
  • It’s GREEN – You reduce paper waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

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