Current Outages and Advisories

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While we are flushing you may possibly experience lower pressure than normal and could have a tint in the water. If you use any water in your home during the posted flush times you may draw this water into your plumbing system. Toilets and hot water heaters have tanks that can keep this water around long after we are done. If you continue to have discoloration or cloudy water after the posted flush has ended, please let the cold water tap in your kitchen run for approximately 3-5 minutes. If the cold water in the kitchen is clear and the hot water and toilets still have a tint they may require a brief flush. If any of these issues continue after the posted flush times, please call us at 225-925-2011.

Customer Service

  • Baton Rouge Water: 225-925-2011
  • Parish Water Company: 225-952-7688
  • Ascension Water Company: 225-952-7666 or 225-675-5644 (local)

To report water trouble before 8:30 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. weekdays and on Saturdays, Sundays & holidays dial: 225-926-3044.

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