Automatic Draft Enrollment

Streamline your bills: Have your account automatically drafted from your bank account each month and pay no convenience fees!

Download Form

Print and fill out the form then fax form with a voided check to (225) 231-0321, or simply mail it to:

Baton Rouge Water Company
Post Office Box 96016
Baton Rouge, LA 70896-9016

Go Paperless with Autodraft

Existing Autodraft Customers can receive monthly bills via email inbox and continue their automatic draft payments by simply Enrolling in Smartbill.

Your Payments will be drafted monthly exactly as they always have and your bill will be delivered electronically instead of in the mail.


* It is important to continue paying your bill normally until you receive notice on the bill that that your account will be drafted.

* It is your responsibility to verify these bills from month to month so that you do not exceed the draft limit. (if you choose to set one) If you exceed your draft we are prohibited by law to draft ANY AMOUNT over the set limit.

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